ARC Training

I am the only UK based licenced trainer for the ARC (Attachment, Regulation and Competency) framework and one of two based in Europe. The framework was designed by Margaret Blaustein and Kristine Kinniburg as a map to guide clinicians, teachers, social workers and all caregivers in addressing developmental trauma in children and young people.

ARC Framework

The authors (Margaret Blaustein and Kristine Kinniburgh) build on the work of Bessel van der Kolk and others in understanding that challenging behaviour, emotional distress and impairment in many areas of functioning in young people can be seen as a response to early trauma.

By seeing this as Developmental Trauma, helping adults can begin to intervene in children and young people’s lives in a meaningful and sequenced way to address their need for; a sense of safety, skills to regulate their emotional/physical experience and then to address gaps in competencies needed for healthy development.

Over the past 7 years I have trained a wide variety of professional groups, including private and local authority fostering services (carers and social workers), early help teams, youth offending services, employment coaching services, voluntary sector agencies, Child and Adolescent Mental health Services, adolescent inpatient psychiatric services, residential childcare provision, youth services, schools, special educational provisions (SMEH and PRU), adopters and adoption workers and child protection teams.

The framework, builds on the thoughtful practices that are already part of an organisation and I work to explore how the principles of the ARC framework can be integrated and sustained within the commissioning agency or project.

ARC Framework

ARC Framework Training

The full training is for 2 days (15 hrs). I have delivered this in a number of ways depending on what fits for the agency (e.g 5 x 3 hours). Typically the training can be repeated for other areas of an agency and it is recommended that we would then have ongoing consultation (monthly for a year) in order to imbed Trauma-Informed Practice and the ARC framework.

Please contact me if you are interested in how the ARC framework could work within your organisation.